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Donna Summer was right, "she works hard for the money so you'd better treat her right."  But what about our money choices and how we treat ourselves?  Google it and I’m sure you’ll find some staggering statistic on how much money women spend on clothes, makeup, shoes and jewelry each year. And after we've worked hard for the money then spent it on the clothes we love, many of us make the choice to simply never wear them . This is one of the reasons why Cameo Closets exists and wants to empower more women by teaching them to shop their closets like they do their favorite boutiques.  The skill of "shopping your closet" can help you save your hard earned money.

Think about it, why do we love to shop the department stores and boutiques?  They are orderly, color-coordinated, well lit, have great mirrors, friendly and supportive people and funky music.  Well, did you know you can have all this too and more and right in the comfort of your own home?  Plus, when you create a Shopping Wish List you can begin to shop with intention because you're now abiding by a Dress Code that you’ve created.  You'll start to see that you spend less on frivolous and redundant pieces and only invest on those critical items that will complete your Cameo look.

So today’s question is: If you’ve paid your hard earned money for something in your closet that’s never been worn, shouldn’t you at least start charging it rent for taking up and wasting so much of your precious space? Go with me here ladies, but I’m thinking at least this way you can recover some of the value in the initial purchase, right....hmmm, you’re right, not likely and we all know that clothes, like cars, depreciate in value the minute you remove them from the store.  So, here comes the tough love, ladies, “Either use it or lose it.”

One way to combat depreciation of our clothes in a season is to use them.  That’s right ladies, I’m asking you to actually wear your clothes.  And yes, I mean every single one of them.  And saving a special outfit, suit or dress for a special occasion after 1 year is just unrealistic.  Even if all year no one gets married, all the holiday parties get cancelled and you never lose those 5 pounds, I encourage all of my clients to create a special occasion of their own, especially if one doesn’t naturally arise.  Partying is good for the soul and so is looking and feeling great about you.  I find that the longer we hold onto “special outfits” we only get more depressed each time we come across them and we haven't worn them.

Ever hear a little voice in our head saying, “Well you must not be special enough, because it’s been a whole year and no special occasions have happened for you.”  Well, pooh on that voice!  Plan a dinner with the girls, get family together and go to that work-sponsored happy hour.  Do something different in your day so that you can “use it.”  I find the biggest challenge to closet optimization is storage of clothes that clients never intend to wear.  It’s a waste of your space, your money and your time as you skip over it each time you decide on something else in your closet.   Keep working hard for the money ladies!  And don’t waste what you already have and don’t buy more of what you’re not sure you really need.

Can you think of one item in your closet that you need to use or lose?  Which one and why?

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posted by T. Hicks from DC

Miss Cameo Closet, you are really breaking a gal's heart.......just the thought of what I need to lose saddens me. Floral capris from 7 seasons ago, (note: the use of seasons, doesn't seem as harsh as years)..... and what about florescent halters? Who wears florescent clothing anymore? No one, not even me. Ok....I've seen the light---the florescent halters have to go......such a fashion "has-been"......so what do I do throw these things away or give them to the Goodwill? I don't want to be the reason for someone's "What Not to Wear" moment.

posted by T. Hicks from DC

Miss Cameo, it's me again....so I just made it to the office and I was raving about your blog to my colleagues. They wanted to hear your thoughts on something. Earlier, in the week, we conducted interviews for an AA position. One of the candidates was delightful and experienced--but, she was wearing black finger nail polish. Now, this isn't a reason to disqualify her, but our enthusiasm has dropped. This incident has taken over our "water cooler" discussion. We don't want to judge, but it appears our AA darling has poor decision making skills. Are we over-reacting? Should we be more tolerant to her personal expression? Of the 3 people conducting the interview, only 1 person is not in favor of bringing her back for a 2nd interview. When asked why, the 1 person not in favor, simply stated, "Even my 13 year-old knows not to wear black finger nail polish to an interview?" ........Cameo to the rescue............

posted by

Yes, this is an important one and the best experience I've gotten on what is "interview appropriate" is serving as a resume coach for Bottomless Closet, a non-profit in NYC, designed to outfit and prepare women to re-enter the workforce. At Bottomless Closet we always encourage our clients to wear clear, nude or brown-tone nail polish as to not distract the interviewer from the main event which is them, of course. And it seems your AA has proven the rule and not the exception. Regardless of your age or generational references, it is never a good idea too let your style choices take away from your opportunities. So for interviews, women should always lean toward conservative and understated looks for their suit, shoe and accessory choices. Once we've scored our dream job and proven ourselves to be valuable to our coworkers, then we should feel free to incorporate our personal flair and expressions of style in a work day because at that point we've earned our place on the team. Too bad for the AA candidate; I wish she could have turned to Cameo before she overlooked this important detail of her first impression...

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